Thankfulness 21

Today I am thankful that Arkansas Women Bloggers has their new website up and running.

I am thankful for short work weeks, vacation days, and laptop computers.

I am thankful for rain...though Mother Nature is being a little bit of an over achiever right now. :)

I am thankful for an office door.  I believe I got more done today than I have in ages because I kept mine shut. :)

I am thankful that I can afford to buy groceries, and that I have limbs with which to carry, load, drag, haul, etc. them into my kitchen.  (...and yes, I am feeling slightly guilty for a whiny FB post from earlier...)

I am thankful that Leon has Wesley.

I am thankful that I will get to see the loves of my life over Thanksgiving.

I am thankful that God has seen fit to give me breath for another day

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)