Thankfulness 14

I am thankful for a very productive day that ended with a long, hot bubble bath.

I am thankful for to do lists because that means I have a job, and I am needed.  I like to be needed. :)

I am thankful for new, clean 2012 calendars.  I get a little giddy seeing all of those white, unmarked pages just waiting for me to plan and fill them all in. *Yes, I know I am sick. Sigh*

I am thankful for Mondays because that means I have five whole days to accomplish something at work.  New Day. :)

I am thankful for laundry services.  Oh good grief the laundry.  How does it accumulate so fast?!?  I am but one person. :)

I am thankful for rain.  It is another cold, rainy November night.  Mmmm....:)

I am thankful for this is a wonderful reminder that I have a life full of teeny tiny and extra large blessings in my life...Every. Day.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)