Thankfulness 13

Today I am thankful for coffee and lots of it.  I am thankful for family and all of the fun and laughter that goes with mine.  I am thankful for books and bookstores.  Oh Barnes and I have missed you.  I made up for lost time today...I guess I am grateful for my credit card too. :) 

I am grateful for positive influences.  All of the kids are rubbing off on Leon and vice versa.  Leon is a big observer of people and things around him; he is interesting to watch from afar.  Obviously one of the things he observed about Jon was how much he read this weekend because he wanted to stop at a bookstore on the way home so he could pick out books.  He then proceeded to read the rest of the way home and through church tonight.  That is more of a blessing than anyone could know. :)

I am grateful to get home ice cold sheets and soft quilt feel extra wonderful after four days away. 

Finally, tonight I want to express my thankfulness for grace.  God's grace can cover, change, free, forgive, save, renew, protect, guide, and love us through it all.  There is nothing more powerful than his grace for us...for me.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)