Me Time...What is that?

I am a big believer that you should take a day or a weekend every month to hibernate. 

Hibernate is defined as whatever makes you happy and involves just you.

For me, hibernation involves me, my bed, scrambled eggs, John Wayne movies, and books.  I get out of bed to scramble eggs, change the DVD, or use the restroom...that is it.  I don't answer phones.  I don't work.  I don't multi-task.  One single solitary mundane task at a time.  That is all.

Hibernation for me equates to....Glorious.  Restoration.  Of.  Me.

I cannot remember the last time I did a "Hibernation Weekend" outside of being ill.  It is way overdue. 

I find it strange how people find it odd when I describe this ritual of mine as if they cannot imagine that someone as "...bubbly and people oriented..." could possibly want to spend time alone.  I patiently explain to them that it is this private, alone time on a regular basis that allows me to be "on" the rest of the time.  In a nutshell, dealing with the public, especially with a big smile on your face, is exhausting.  I love it, but it takes its toll on one's body, mind and spirit. 

If you deal with the public 5-6 days a week, you absolutely must make time for yourself to recharge your batteries.   

This makes me think of a bible study I am listening to that deals with making time for God in our busy schedules, and how we should block out time at the beginning of the year for time away with him.  It makes you think...what else am I not making time for in my life?

I say this to one enjoys work more than me.  I absolutely love to work.  I love my job.  I love my career.  That said, I love a lot of things, and the best me I can be involves all of the loves of my life. 

So, the best thing I can do for my career?...Make sure I am making time for me so I don't forget all of the other loves of my life.  All of those loves?...well, they make me a better me. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)