Woo Hoo...App? :)

This just got filed under, "I can't make this stuff up."...the Woo Hoo app. :)

iPhone Screenshot 1

So I am at work a couple of days ago, and one of the team members comes up to me and suddenly I hear, "Woo Hoo!" only to look down and they are pushing the above on their IPhone.  It seems they found this app that once loaded on your phone, you push the red button and it says, "Woo Hoo!" ~ they are THRILLED.  This same person has created a "Woo Hoo" board for their team to celebrate everyone's Woo Hoos.  Of course, if they do something worthy, their boss comes behind them pushing a Woo Hoo button. Talk about spot coaching.  Whoa.


I'm touched and thrilled.  Who knew the "Woo Hoo" would take off like this??

You never know what little something you do or say will cause someone to latch onto a new idea or new way of doing something.  Own your life and your individuality...or even your Woo Hoo.

You will be glad you did.  It's magic.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)