There is nothing quite like a mammogram to remind you that your body is but a vessel.  :)

...and so began my day...

After a long day of doctor's appointments...all good news.  I am a grateful girl.

On my way home, I met a friend to go over some business.  At the end, he said the darnedest thing that I cannot get out of my head.  He commented that Wesley had brought a "softness" to me. 

A softness, huh... :)

That really struck me, and in nothing but a good way. 

"Softness" by HR

I am not sure if it was the word that struck me or how he used it.  Frankly, I thought about his statement most of my drive home. 

Have you ever thought about the meaning of that word?  Google it...there are quite a few.  Let me just focus on the one that states "of a gentle disposition; tender." Yep, that is me. :)

...give me a minute...still laughing...

I love that someone sees that in me.  I love that they give all of the credit to Wesley for it.  I love that one word inspired me to saunter home instead of race.  I love that sauntering (because that sounds so much better than being slow) gave me the opportunity to have a conversation with a distressed man in McDonald's at Clinton.  I love that it gave me opportunities to take some beautiful sunset shots during the drive.  I love that it inspired me to find a new song.  I love that is made me pull over, take a message from the office and re-do an entire day because all of the above made me realize my focus was off, and I needed to re-direct my energies tomorrow (and re-direct the energy of my team). 

All of that started with one word...softness.



Breathe.  Just breathe.

Let this inspire you to find the softness in your life be the softness in your life today.  It is a rough and tumble world out there, and (as always) you have a choice on how you meet the world each day.  You can meet it on its turf or yours.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)