Sexism...Oh How I Loathe Thee

I am writing this post not because I have so much to say on the topic, but because I will explode if I do not write about my most unfortunate experience with sexism today.  Not at work mind you, but the experience was due in part to my profession of choice.

I have experienced some pretty disgusting, sexist behavior in my 40+ years, not unlike most women, but today's episode shook me...deeply.  So here I sit at 11 p.m. at night trying to dissect and assess what happened to me today. 


Maybe it is because there was an audience to this "spectacular" (and not in a good way) behavior, and to add insult to was an audience of only men.  Yep, you guessed it, the only girl in the room.  Maybe it is because only one man there even offered an attempt to stop what was happening, even though in hindsight who cares...once someone who has lost their mind is on a roll...what are you going to REALLY be able to do.  Maybe it is because it is 2011, and it still stuns me that narrow minded men are still out there.  I know...I know...BIG rose colored glasses worn by Pollyanna herself. :)  Maybe it is because I have had some awesome men in my life...have some awesome men in my life...none of which would EVER treat or speak to me that way and so I am somewhat immune from the realiteis of sexism in the year 2011???

All I know is that I am grateful tonight for a father, uncles, grandparents and the like who taught me (prior to the age of 4) that I could do and be whatever I put my mind to, if I worked hard enough.  I never remember EVER being told that I couldn't do something or not to dream that big...and this is growing up in a town of 700 in Arkansas (in the early 70s).  I am grateful that while I have my father's temper, I also have his calmness in the eye of the storm.  That calmness keeps me from punching someone's lights out at the wrong time and in the wrong place.  Plus, I am astute enough to realize you cannot reason with crazy. 

Sexism may very well be alive and well in the world today, but I will be dadgum if I am going to let it define who I am (either good or bad).  I am glad that I know better than to do that.  I am glad that I know my worth is found in a higher power, not in what a man (or woman for that matter) thinks of me.  I am glad that I work for people who see a person, not a gender....and that because of that single fact alone...I have the opportunity to enact real change.  Watch out world....I plan on continuing to light a fire under women (and men)...empowering them to work hard and be all that they want and can be....THAT is how you change the world. 

Side sincere thanks also to General Steele who called me today for a "pep talk" on an unrelated matter.  God works in mysterious ways, and though he had no idea about the earlier situation, his words and wisdom reminded me that I need to run my own race...stay true to my convictions...and stir it up when needed.  He also called me a "soldier" which coming from a retired marine....well, it would make anyone feel good.

Me and General Steele
Sexism is a cancer, and empowerment is the cure.

I'm glad for that. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)