The Power Of The Woo Hoo :)

Daffy Duck's version of the Woo Hoo. :)

Have you ever had one of those words, phrases or mannerisms that you don't really realize you use, say or do ALL the time?.?  Even more...they have become your "signature" without you even realizing it?.? too.  I am not sure when over the past 100 plus days or maybe even the past six months that I started using "Woo Hoo"....I am even more unclear when I started using it to the point that when people see me...they do the "Woo Hoo" including arms raised and/or fist pump.  Nope...not kidding.


So maybe it was last night when a woman in her late 50s/early 60s, wife of a minister did the "Woo Hoo" as I entered the room, or when she included it in her e-mail to me today....but I get it...I am the "Woo Hoo" girl.

Love it.

Let me just encourage you to find your inner Woo Hoo!  :)  More than that, find your own signature and "own" YOU.  We live in a world full of people trying to be like everyone else.  Don't let yourself fall into that trap, and we all have...

You will be glad you did...

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)