Test Today ~ One Question ~ What do you want to be when you grow up?

Remember when you were in school and you would walk into the classroom and on the board it read, "Test Today"??  Ugh.  Your heart sank into your stomach and suddenly you felt ill.  Relax...today there is just one question...though the searching to find the answer might be painful.  The good news...you will live. :)

I have spent the last two months meeting with people on-on-one and the first thing I ask them is..."What do you want to be when you grow up?"  I have been shocked, saddened, delighted, amused....with/in their responses.  I have had several tell me that in (ten, twenty, thirty years) no one has ever asked them.  Comments like that feel like a knife to my heart. 

Management/leadership today should do better in encouraging and mentoring their employees to help them be the best in their roles and in giving them opportunities for growth.  While some want to stay in one role for a career (and there is nothing wrong with that), others want to explore many different tracks. 

Allowing employees to grow and remain stagnant in their roles is a huge threat to our workforce today.  I know some would say that in a market where unemployment is high, is being "happy" in their jobs really relevant??  I believe it is.  I believe even more so.  Employees who are engaged and growing are also thinking ('outside the box' even though last night I learned that phrase is now considered over used in business today :) ).  They are coming up with new ideas, new processes, new ways to help people....maybe help people on a larger scale. 

We need thinkers in this country as much as we need workers.  We need thinkers in every job, in every industry, in every community....everywhere.  We need people who are willing and able to make tough decisions.  We need people willing to compromise (find the win-win).  We need people willing to hold themselves and others accountable.  We need people willing to "own" their jobs, their lives....honestly, own their mistakes (and here is a revelation...we all make them). 

This is such a great ad! I absolutely LOVE this photo. :)
I digressed....sorry.

My overreaching thought today is simply...if no one around you is asking you what you want to be when you grow up....don't despair. 

Simply....ask yourself.  I know...too simple, right??  It really is that simple.  Take the time to figure it out.  Give yourself permission to dream again about jobs you would like to have...hobbies you would like to take up....places you would like to go.  Then make a plan.  Talk to your boss(es).  Talk to mentors, friends, family.  Find a personal cheerleader...but find a way to keep growing.

I promise you....you will be SO glad you did. 

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)