Leadership Void

I had the most interesting (separate) conversations yesterday with two business leaders that I respect a great deal.  They weren't big city executives; they were small town business leaders with big ideas, big goals, and a whole lot of integrity.  They brought up a lot of concerns...concerns I had frankly never heard of...

In both conversations, we discussed the future of small towns.  In particular one small town. 

It is so easy today to talk about the demise of small town America.  Wesley and I took a mini-road trip to Mountain View (Arkansas) on Saturday and it was amazing to see the towns that have thrived and the ones that have died.  Saturday I had a very narrow view on the cause of that demise.  Yesterday, I was enlightened, to say the least.

Could it be that we have a leadership void in small town America?

Is part of the demise a result of no one stepping up or into the shoes of the previous leaders and blazing a new trial, their own trail?  Are the good ones leaving and not coming back?  Are the ones that are staying not interested or as involved?  Are there plenty of followers...just not enough leaders?

Maybe we need a new compass...for some towns...any compass. 

There has been a lot of talk about reviving downtown areas, and I have seen it done well and...well, not so much.  How do you revive an entire town?  What is the first step to encouraging good leaders and future leaders to step up...seize the day (so to speak)? 

This is a post with more questions than answers.  I guess I am posting them to the universe because I believe they are questions not only in desperate need of answers, but also ones that matter to more than just small towns.

Do we have a leadership void...everywhere?

As someone I love always says....these are deep thoughts for a shallow mind.  :) 

I am glad to have had the conversations yesterday....they really got me to thinking...now to find the answers.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)