Monday, August 8, 2011

How NOT to Leave Your Job ~ 10 Tips :)

Over the course of your life you will have at minimum one experience of finding a new job while you are still employed at your old job.  There are certainly ways to exit gracefully and ways where you are burning the trail behind you.  As someone who has been working since she was 13 years old, let me just say this is too small a world to be burning bridges.  Quite literally the bridge you burn today is the one you need to cross tomorrow.  Plus, word spreads...the whole world is six degrees (or less) of separation...think about it.

Today's post includes reminders of my top ten things NOT to do when you find yourself in this situation:
  • Don't text your resignation.  Lets compare this to being broken up with via post-it note.  Just sayin'. 
  • Don't leave a voice mail directing your (former) boss where your stuff is including your keys to the building.
  • Don't resign at 5 p.m. on a Friday when your boss is out of town or on vacation.
  • Don't solicit business away from your existing company while you are packing your office to leave.  Have the courtesy not to do that while you are still on their payroll.
  • Don't send out last hurrah e-mails to all of your fellow employees on how awesome you are and how much they will miss you. 
  • Don't leave a lot of unanswered questions, unaddressed issues, etc.  Clean up your mess(es).
  • Don't schedule your media blitz for your new job before you are out of the door from the old job. 
  • Don't blow up your previous job, title, will be found out. 
  • Don't gloat. 
  • Last, but not least, don't give the finger (verbally) to your old boss no matter how much they deserve it (in your mind).
This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but rather a sampling of things you should not do.  The biggest thing to remember is how would you like to be would you like to be remembered....when the shoe is on the other foot??

You will be so glad you did.  Trust me on this.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :) 


  1. Heather, we need a post similar to this on the Walton blog!

  2. Well, I hope this doesn't mean you have resigned from a job... but I can so associate with the tips. My husband has considered leaving his so many times in the last few years. Stress, bosses who make the work week feel like a YEAR, and just being tired of it all. The economy makes the decisions about our future right now, and this week's stock market has taken a big bite out of our investments... again :o(

  3. No, but I have watched people quit before and do any or all of these things, and I just wonder...why? No matter how bad the job or the boss, I believe there is a right and a wrong way to quit. You always have the great urge to do these things, but you have to resist. The glee you would feel would be fleeting...then you would simply be left with the guilt. :(

    I hope things get better for your husband. Not enjoying your work is horrible; you spend more time there than with your own family. It should be fun and rewarding.

    Thank you for the great comments!!