Hello...Again :)

Pollyanna is back in the big city, and oh how I have missed her.  So much.

Now first....I am SO happy with my life; yet I am a gypsy...deep inside my soul.  That said, I create cocoons in my life (duh), and Little Rock is one of those cocoons.  If you have to live in a city...this is the one to live in...and like a fine wine...it has aged well.

Last night, I drove in and pulled up at The Capital Hotel as I have done a million times before, and I could feel the excitement and energy of the city.  I nearly careened full body into a gentleman in running shorts and an IPad (only here) as he was crossing the street from The Peabody because I was looking up (grinning).  I apologized profusely and he graciously opened the door for me to the hotel.  He went from smiling to sheepish looking around and said, "I think I might be under dressed."...to which I responded, "Not here.  You're in Arkansas.  Anything goes.  You are fine."  He asked where the Capital Bar & Grill was, and I had him follow me.  I had a pre-board of directors meeting dinner meeting with two dear friends and fellow board members there, and they were waiting for me.  I walk in, greeting my friends and sliding into my chair....the waiter comes up and says, "It is so nice to have you back."  Oh my....I don't know what surprised me more...him remembering me or my reaction (the smile that you get deep inside your belly). 

That is the way Little Rock is....that is the way Arkansas is...a giant, warm hug that envelopes you.  No matter where you have been or for how long, it is always here to welcome you home. 

I am a blessed girl with a blessed life.  I have the benefit of living as a gypsy while having the most beautiful place to call "home".  I have left pieces of myself from one end of this world to the other.  I am blessed to have friends scattered all along the way.  Nights like last night remind me of how blessed I am.  Being remembered...well, that helps. :)

Yes...my life is hectic, nuts, overwhelming, stressful....but then you have those moments where you slide into one of your cocoons and you feel warm, safe, loved, happy...and you realize that the madness makes life worthwhile.  The madness makes my life worthwhile. 

I know (via my bible study) that I am addicted to the driven-ness (is that a word?) and busyness in my life.  I admit it.  Completely.  I also know that I am working to savor the calmness...to allow myself moments to enjoy ALL of my life.  To enjoy those I love in my life.  I am grateful, and I want to make sure that I communicate my gratitude daily.

Life is funny.  God is funny.  He reveals himself and teaches me things in the strangest of ways, and I wonder am I the only one who feels like he is constantly pulling back the curtain and saying, "The joke is on you HR."??

I am so glad.

One final note...one of these days I am going to write a love letter post to the city of Little Rock. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)