It Really Is The Little Things :)

My job currently involves about a 4,772 item to do list.  I am working more hours than I thought possible.  I am being pulled in several different directions.  BUT before you worry...I am loving it, but even with that, the stress is overwhelming sometimes.  Saturday, I took the bull by the horns, sat down with a pad of paper, a pen, and a good strong cup of coffee....and I pondered...what are the pain points that are stressing me out at home?  Hmmmm....I determined it was my laundry (no time to do it, dry cleaning piling up, etc.), I was tired of not having any good towels (I know this sounds silly...bear with me), and I needed new bras and underwear (I had under wires starting to poke out, etc....Men, I am sorry).  The list went on for a few more biggies.  Once I was done, I sat back and reflected.  I realized, I could quickly fix some of these. 


I quickly googled best towels and started reading reviews.  I decided on the best one for me, and I bit the bullet and ordered some.  Six some actually...six hand towels, six wash cloths, six body towels.  Bonus ~ they were even on sale.  Task...done.

I then went to see if there was an online store where I had bought my last undergarments (which I really loved).  Eureka.  I searched for the style, etc....and ordered some of both.  Task...done.

Next, I sent an e-mail to the person at work that seems to know everybody and whose clothes always look very nice.  I asked who does your dry cleaning, and do they do laundry too?  I didn't get a response back until late Sunday night, but in essence....Task....done.

As you are thinking...really, is this a big deal?  Yes.  Yes, it is.  The last time I bought towels I believe I had just graduated college.  Seriously.  The last time I had bought undergarments was 18 months ago.  Seriously. 

My excuse?!  I forget to take care of the basics sometimes as I focus on the big stuff.  Oh yeah, and I am frugal...not cheap, frugal.  That said, the dry cleaner/laundry decision nearly put me in bed.  For the first time in my life, I was actually considering paying someone to do my laundry.  Really??  Let me tell you...when they picked up my stuff from the office on Tuesday and told me how they could deliver it back to my car (not inside the building, so I won't have to drag it in and out).  Pick up and deliver up to twice a week. Bill me monthly.  Plus keep track of how I like my stuff so they don't have to ask me every time?!!!!  I nearly kissed the man.  On the lips!  I told my sister it was like 20 pounds of stress and pressure had been lifted from my shoulder...and we are talking LAUNDRY! 

Doesn't just the picture stress you out and make you cringe??
I write this embarrassing post because it doesn't matter what your little (yet big) stresses are...taking care of one, two, three or more of them can change your mood, your mindset, your life.  For me, I had to weigh out spending my only day off (Saturday) doing laundry, ironing, etc., or pay someone else to do it and enjoy that time with my family and friends.  I also had to remind myself that it is okay to buy new towels (and not the most expensive or fancy ones I might add...just nice, good, absorbent towels) and new bras and panties (again, men I am sorry).  This got me to thinking....

Why is it so hard to take care of ourselves sometimes?  Why is it we can spend money on anything and everyone else but ourselves...the basics no less?

I haven't figured out the answer, but here I am Wednesday night with my new undergarments, new towels (yes, I even splurged for faster delivery ;)), and my laundry will be waiting for me tomorrow night when I get to my car.  I am one happy girl.  I know...I am a silly girl....*sigh* :)

I am so glad for the little things that relive the big things (stress) from my life.  I am glad there is Internet shopping, FedEx, Google, and I am really happy that there are still full service dry cleaners.  I am oh SO glad. :)

What are the little things that are stressing you out to the point they are big things?  I would encourage you to take the time and sit down and ponder will be glad you did. :) :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)