Blended Coke Float? Yes, please. :)

Funny story...I stopped drinking sodas in 1995 (ish?) after I developed a slight case of the stress stomach (or in my family "Davenport stomach"...long story).  After the first couple of weeks of quitting (nothing but one long, giant headache), I was fine.  Every once and awhile, I might get to craving one, but then I remembered how my stomach felt...and easily passed on them. 

Well, the truth is that I still drink blended coke floats.  These are coke floats that have been put into a blender...I don't want to eat mine; I want to drink mine through a straw!! :)

A few weeks ago my boss swings into Sonic for a pitstop (a banana split!), and I ordered a blended coke float.  It was a HOT, HOT, HOT day so it hit the spot!  Yummm!!! :)  Hot day...stressful day...cold, yummy treat. :)  So the absolute truth is that they have been really hitting the spot every other day or so....Whoops! :)

This one is CLEARLY not blended. :)

My friend just completely dogged me out about it in FB...go Karen! :)  That will teach me to post truth. :)

This got me to thinking....

You can give up something that is bad for you, but once you get a taste of it (for whatever reason) can suck you back in like a Hoover vaccum cleaner.  Yeah...somewhere in there I stopped talking about ice cream and coke. ;)

We have to be careful...there are a lot of bad things out there that do not always have our best interests at heart.  Sometimes it gets tricky to know the difference. 

I'm glad today that I have sweet friends who rib me about my vices...and make me gut check myself that I am not letting it get out of hand.  Since I am barely getting time to eat a meal...I guess a blended coke float every other day or so isn't that bad. :)

I'm glad today too that I am cognizant that bad people, bad thoughts, bad memories, bad food...any or all are just around the corner ready to lure me back in.  I will not be fooled....okay unless it or they are covered in ice cream...because ice cream can cancel the bad out of anything. :) :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)