And Still I Rise ~ Maya :)

Today I crawled into my own little hole and hibernated.  Every once and awhile I have to do this.  It is something I learned a long, long time ago about myself.  It is necessary both for my sanity and well being...and the well being of those around me.  I say this with humor but also in truth. :)

No matter how well I plan my day, my week, my month and my life...time keeps on ticking away.  I move very fast...approximately 150 mph (they don't call me Hurricane Heather for nothing), but lately I am clocking about 250 mph.  I love it fast.  Fast is exhilarating.  I don't like drama though...drama to me is like diesel in a gas engine.  Not pretty.  Drama is gunking up my life.  I needed a day to cleanse myself of the noisy drama in my life. 

God is good.  Every day.  Every time.  Today in the midst of my hibernation, he put this in front of my face...Maya Angelou's And Still I Rise.  I absolutely love Maya Angelou.  I believe I have every book she has published..."...does my sassiness upset you?..." She is amazing...and funny.

I crave a simple life.  I do.  Those of you laughing..stop.  I am serious. 

Don't we all crave that??  I see people around me who excel at simplicity.  What am I doing wrong?  Where did I go wrong?

Love never fails.


Right. can be failing. 

Sometimes I feel I have failed others in my love.  Sometimes I feel I have been failed in other's love of me. 

I believe we have to stop every once and awhile and take a moment to remember why we are doing what we are doing...whatever it is we are doing.  Life is a challenge...whether one has a seemingly simplistic life or not.  In this bible study I am doing it talks about how the devil doesn't tempt us with the obvious things...he knows we are too smart for that.  Instead he just "runs" us until we are so exhausted and off our "A" game and then he strikes.  He strikes with any number of things...whatever he knows will take us down.  He fails though when our instinct is to hit our knees.  There, humbled before God...we find the sanctity we crave...the peace...the mercy...the understanding.  There in our weakest moment when the devil is convinced he has us...there he also meets God...who is with us ALL the time. 

Today, I just wanted time to stop for a moment.  Just for a I could catch my breath.  God met me there....because whether it is the devil that puts you on your knees, yourself, or circumstances....God will meet you there.  Every time. 

I know this is extra deep today...didn't actually know I was going to go this deep when I started writing...I never do.  I start a post and then my fingers start is really weird that way...

I grapple with all of the good and all of the bad in my life.  I always have.  I guess everyone does, but when you are in the middle of it...well, we all believe we are completely alone and no one has it as bad as us.  We are all human...very human.

I titled this post as I began..."Time keeps on ticking...away."...I just changed it.  The message for me today is not that time is ticking by, but that I keep rising up.  Rising to life's challenges ~ both good and bad.  Rising.  Rising.  Rising.

Today it is okay to take a moment to catch my breath so that tomorrow I can once again rise up to whatever the day brings me.  It is okay to rest.  God rested.  Not that I have done anything by comparison, but then again...I'm not God.

I am glad for a day to catch my breath and breathe.  I am glad for a moment to focus on the blessings and the pain.  Humbled by the blessings.  Forgiving the pain.  Grateful to know the difference.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)