I'm Still Here...:)

I'm behind...No kidding.  What is new.  I know.

I have two final posts from the trip in the can to finish and post.  I have a lot I could say about this past week as I got back to the "real world".  Honestly...I have just been too tired to do any of it.  Plus, if I had had the energy, I haven't had the time.

This Sunday morning waking up to birds chirping outside of my window and the beautiful sunshine...is the first day in awhile that I have not woken up to a feeling of complete exhaustion.  I also realized as I laid down to bed last night that I have not had my VitaCraves in a few days..whoops.  I absolutely CANNOT miss those. :) 

I will get there...get on a new schedule, a new routine, a new normal, but I simply wanted to say...I'm still here.  :)

As I told my sister yesterday...who doesn't have the urge to run away every once and awhile...okay, more than once and awhile. ;)  The challenge is in standing firm and tackling it all head on.  The standing firm is not necessarily my problem...the head on?  Well, do you remember those giant clown air bags that had a firm bottom and then you punch them and they bend backwards (sometimes to the ground) or sideways (whichever direction you swung at them)??  Well, lets just say I am the clown in this scenario.  :) 

Today, I am glad that this clown has a firm foundation...all kidding aside...I just need someone to grab my hand every once and while and help me stop the swinging...:) :)

Go grab someones hand today...everyone needs help stopping the madness sometimes.  For my money, picnics by creeks help. ;)

Caney Creek running through Caney Cave Hollow (my little neck of the woods)
Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)