Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Hate Cancer ~ I Love My Friend

One of my best friends is now fighting cancer.  Whatever my past experiences with the Big C in my own life or the life of friends and family...I have never felt the way that I feel now about this dear friend's very personal fight.  I am not mad or sad as much as I am just stunned.  I am also, to some degree, in denial.

If you know know that I hate denial.  Deal, address and move on...that is my motto.  I believe I am getting more decisive about things the older I get as I realize I am not getting any younger and I have no time to waste. :)

Last night I realized that I have to plow through my denial and start taking action.  I have to find ways to help and support my friend.  I need her.  She needs me.  It is time to move.

I started taking notes and making a list.

Mainly I started asking questions.

I do not want to assume what they need, what they can eat, what they can handle...I want to assume nothing.  I want to know.  I am gentle but firm.  Let me help.  I will not take no for an answer. 

Then I realized...

I need this as much as they do.  I need something to do.  I need to believe I am helping.  I need to gain back some control in a situation that is completely out of my control. 

Isn't it funny (and not ha ha) that even when we are acting completely unselfishly...we are still acting selfishly?  It is human.  It is also annoying.  I am annoyed by myself. 

Taking care of others is part of our DNA, but we have to be honest with ourselves that taking care of others is part of taking care of ourselves.  Say that 10 times fast. :) 

I am so glad that I have the best friends ever.  I am so glad for modern medicine and technology.  Modern medicine to heal my friend.  Technology to help me take care of them and cheer them on over the miles.

I hate cancer, but I love my friend. 

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :) 


  1. One of my best friends is battling cancer, too. It's not good, and she is so young! She was first diagnoased at 36 years old.

    A few years back, I threw her a "5-Year Survivor" brunch after Race for the Cure. She had been cancer-free for FIVE LONG YEARS. During the 7th year, the cancer came back; then it went into remission for a few months; now it is back with a vengence in her bones.

    I, too, hate cancer. I, too, love my friend.

    I, too, am a cancer survivor.

  2. I hate cancer too. :( Praying that your friend makes it through successfully!

  3. Well put Heather. I've had those exact same thoughts this year, and was too ashamed to even express them. Thank you for this.