Day One...and it begins...:)

It was a chaotic start, but we are off and running and still made it past Oklahoma City tonight. Leon has met his match in Treva and I am not to sure she hasn't met the same. :) We have already had a near miss as Wesley started pulling out of the Oklahoma Welcome Center parking lot with Treva only one leg in. Rolling laughter ensued. We finally stopped for the night just as a torrential rain storm rolled in and we all got soaked to the bone unloading the truck (note: not a single drop of rain prior). Dry clothes, coffee and plenty of giggles later...we are all tucked in. Did I mention the hot coffee at midnight (when we stopped for the night)? Hence, the late post. :)

All in all a great "bonus" day and we are so excited for what tomorrow has in store.

**Our thanks for all of the calls, texts and messages...we love you all. A special shout out to Kaden. There is going to be a special rock with your name on it. We love you!!! :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)