Day 8 ~ Utah..."Life Elevated"

"Life Elevated" is Utah's motto.  They have that right.  I am in love with Southwest Utah!!! :)

We only made it through Capitol Reef National Park (which might be the most underrated national park in the U.S.), but we could have gotten through all four (amazingly enough), but decided to take it easy and spend the night here in Moab, Utah, and hit Canyonlands N.P. and Arches N.P. first thing in the morning (we are on their doorsteps).  Let me just say...we are in Utah...UTAH, and we have to be in North Arkansas by Sunday....SUNDAY.  Tomorrow is going to be a LONG day. :)

Back to Utah...this section of Utah is amazing.  Around every corner is a different view and every one of them is more beautiful than the last.  It is truly breathtaking, and I see hiking/camping trips here in our future.  This is a spot I would like to come for 10-14 days and hike all 4-5 of these national parks.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I really cannot say enough though about Capitol Reef N.P.  I had never even heard of it before Wesley pointed it out, and it is truly breathtaking.  It has a lot of green vegetation, streams and the gorgeous variations of red rock....just so much to behold.

Another big day for Leon too as he decided he wanted another Junior Ranger Badge so we completed his booklet at Capitol Reef N.P. and watched him get sworn in again.  This time he also got two patches and a certificate.  It is funny how every park is different.  He was thrilled and now wants to take a test at every park so he can get a badge at each.  I have to say his knowledge is impressive.  I was his secretary so I asked the questions, but he answered all of them as I wrote out his booklet.  Plus, he had to interview a ranger today as part of the quiz, and he did a great job.  I took their picture.  It was very sweet.  I know he is only 10, but I do think he is thinking being a park ranger sounds like a good gig. :)

Well, we have the longest day ever staring us in the face so I better close.  It is hard to believe we only have two more days and one more night.  We are all getting a little down...happens every year.  I hate this part. :(

I am so glad we did this...again. :)  I know these are memories that will last the rest of our lives, and it has been wonderful to see Leon grow and change over the past eight days.  Between word of the days, taking turns reading street signs, just listening to all of the conversations, Treva's special guidance in her special way, concentrated time with his Papa...with all of us, you can see him literally growing before our eyes.  As Doretha says, "What a boy."  These trips have always been special, but Leon's presence this year has added an extra special kick. We certainly thought it would do him a lot of silly, it has done us a lot of good to have him with us.  The ultimate win-win. :) :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)