Day 7 ~ Storytelling Is A Gift

Today was about California fruit stands, more long windy roads, but mainly it was about stories.

Somehow Doretha and Leon got in a kick about telling each other stories back and forth.  First Doretha would tell one and then Leon.  At first, I think they were telling stories they knew or had heard, but after awhile they were simply making them up as they went along. :)  It was precious to get to sit and listen to them giggle and try to one up the other.  They talked Treva and I to sleep.

Poor Wesley driving along...if Day 6 driving had not been enough...Day 7 was a horrible amount of mile after mile.  Around 4:50 p.m. we ended up back in Las Vegas (for the second time) literally crossing our original path out to California.  You should see our is hysterical.

I have to say that the Virgin River and Virgin River Canyon are one of my favorites of this trip.  They were absolutely gorgeous.  We made it all the way to Hurricane Valley, Utah tonight.  Tomorrow is a long day as we attempt to make it through all four of Southern Utah's national parks.  Wish us luck. :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)