Day 5 ~ Watch Out...There's a new ranger in town :)

What a day!!

Death Valley was amazing and so hot!!! From the moment we reached the entrance sign until bedtime tonight, one little boy was on cloud nine and jabbering up a storm. We met the nicest people throughout the day that were so helpful. We watched Leon become certified as a Junior Ranger. He then was asked to assist the tour guide in watching people, and you have never seen a 10 year old take it more seriously.

Our route to Yellowstone is closed due to snow! Snow!!! So we now are left to take the long way around. :( The plus is they tell us it is a beautiful route. We now have am extremely early wake up call (for this group) after settling ino a quaint roadside motel here in Bridgeport, California. It is a pretty little town and an even cuter motel. Leon has Treva's routine down and checks the coffee cups, lotions, etc. In every room to see if they are "good" or not. It has been wonderful to see their relationship grow on this trip. Aunt Treva is a gem and Leon has that all figured out. :)

I am glad to have so much to tell, but this weary traveler is off to bed.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)