Laughter IS the Best Medicine :)

I have had a stressful week.  The one thing about writing a blog is that you can try and be all "coy" and all about it, but the ones who are really reading this know when something is up.  Beautifully, the issue wasn't what was up, but simply are you okay?  Thank you for that too.  My thanks and gratitude to those who have pulled me aside, called or e-mailed/texted me to "check-in" over the last few days.  I love you all.

Suffice it to say, everything "crested" late yesterday and just like the cresting of the Mississippi River earlier this month, by the time that happens the drama has all (mostly) played out.  You are now left with the exhaustion and resulting next steps (or as Heather would say "to dos").  By the time Wesley got me home last night, we were fried so I suggested a movie...a funny movie.  Luckily I had Uncle Buck available...everybody remember this one?  I knew it was a good choice when John Candy came on and Wesley said, "He is just one of those guys that you smile when you see his face."  :)

Wesley and I commented several times how wonderful it was that we could still laugh, that we were still smiling at and with each other, and overall that we still had our sense of humor.  Somehow all of that made us realize that everything was and is going to be okay.  That we are going to be okay. 

As you can see, the point of me sharing this is not what the stress is, but the lessons I am learning in dealing with it.  I share this because I hope it is helpful to someone...maybe there is someone reading this who has stress in their life.  I know that it would have been very easy to go crawl into the fetal position and go to sleep, but neither of us did.  We found ourselves a way to connect and laugh.  I think that is one of the strangest things about going from being a "career" (that is a joke by the way) single girl to someone who is part of a couple...good times, bad is always about staying connected at our core.  I have never had that.  In the past when stress hit...I dealt with it (primarily alone), and I went on.  In a relationship, you deal with it together (which is like high power negotiations sometimes) and then you have to work (no it isn't just simple) to stay connected after the stress passes too.  I love telling my little Sis and friends whose marriages I have admired over the years...boy, did you guys make this look too easy. :) :)

I am a very lucky and blessed girl.  I remind myself of this EVERY day....even the stressful/tough days.  That reminds me...someone was discussing personal mission statements with me one time at The Farm.  I enthusiastically stated that I had one.  They wanted to see it, so I gladly shared (I keep it on my IPhone).  They read through it and said, "Boy there is a lot about laughter in there.  You clearly like to laugh."  The funny thing was....I don't think that I had ever realized how much about laughter was in my mission statement.  It was telling.  It is telling.  Laughter IS important to me.  I know that not just because it is in my mission statement, but when I get stressed...I do instinctively try to make myself or others laugh.  Nervous energy?  Maybe.  It works though...:)

As usually happens with this blog, what I started out to write morphs into something else...:)  I think the lesson for me today (and to share today) is that it is important to infiltrate laughter wherever you can into your life.  It is important that you make it a priority so that when laughter is the absolute last thing you would think shows if on cue.  I also believe it is important to develop your own personal mission statement.  I have had one for years.  Develop one, keep it close, and always remember that it can and will change.  The point is to know what is most important to you...what are your guiding principles, thoughts, ideas, etc.

Mainly...I would recommend trying to add laughter into your life whenever you can.  I am so glad that I have a large supply of funny movies, funny stories, etc. to pull from when all I really need is a good belly laugh.

Laughter truly is the best medicine.  

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)