Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 Things I Love

Jennifer at Dave and Jennifer Holland tagged me in her recent post. Thanks, Jennifer! I love reading your blog!

 Here are 10 things I'm loving these days:
  • Being Bold! ~ I have always been a little "revolutionist" but I might have lost some of my "mojo" lately; I believe it is back.  That, makes me VERY happy. :)
  • Unconditional Love ~ I was a little late to the ballgame learning exactly how this works, and I must say, I am still amazed when I see it practiced in action.  Love is amazing.  Unconditional love moves mountains and changes lives. :)
  • Caney Cave Hollow ~ I rediscovered myself in this little hollow.  It speaks to me on multiple levels, and I need it now like food and water. :)
  • Forgiveness ~ It always is given to me at just the right moment...reminding me to pass it on.
  • Friends ~ Old and new...they remind me of all that is important (and not so important) in my life.
  • My Kids! ~ I am sad and thrilled that they are growing up and into such amazing "little people", and I continue to cherish having a sister (and brother-in-law) who share them with me. :)
  • Sunshine! ~ It has been playing a very clever (yet not fun) game of hide-and-seek this spring, and I am begging it to notice my cries of, "I give." :)
  • Reading/Books ~ I am determined to read more and faster as I have come across recently my largest consecutive book buying spree to date.  Read. Read. Read. :)
  • Miracles ~ I believe in them.  I am praying for them for so many right now.  There is a lot of tragedy in my small world and in the world at large right now. We all need a miracle.  :)
  • Summer! ~  I am looking forward to canoe trips, camping trips, our (now) annual road trip, new friends, old friends, new dreams, old dreams, a week with the kids, some down time, 4th of July, summer nights, new roads, roads less traveled, re-introducing myself to my camera, Leon's first road trip....and on and on....:)
It is always a great exercise to remember those things you love.  Thank you Jennifer.  I needed this. 

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :) 

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