A Great Writer ~ Better Than A Time Machine (right Byron?) :)

In honor of March being Women's History Month, I thought I might do something different with this post. 

As things usually go in my life, for some reason I read something today about Maya Angelou which brought up a dozen memories.  Those caused me to do a Twitter post, and then sweet Sarah responded to that and sent me her favorite Maya Angelou poem.  I then posted (in Sarah's honor) one of my favorites to my FB page.  This got me to thinking....what if we ALL post our favorite...whether it is in the comments section on this post, your FB page, my FB page, or just put it on your fridge tomorrow.  It can be Ms. Angelou, or really any writer that you love.

My hope is that this post not only causes you to pause and think about Ms. Angelou, but also about a piece of writing or poetry that changed you the first time you heard it or read it.  I think of all of the great teachers who opened up my mind and heart by pushing wonderful writers into my life.  I am certain that some of them I would have never been exposed to were it not for a teacher.  This got me to thinking...

One of my favorite "Wesley" stories is the one where he made a time machine; I hope I recall it correctly.  It seems that his baby brother was always wishing to go back in time so he could meet Abraham Lincoln.  Well one day Wesley got the wise idea that he could build a time machine.  The gist is that he got a push mower moter and installed it with wires to a chair.  He then got his brother all excited about meeting President Lincoln.  He sat him down in the chair and told him to be still and hold on.  He pulled the lawn mower engine cord...well, needless to say his brother was slightly electrocuted (shocked but not seriously hurt) and DID NOT get to meet Abraham Lincoln.  I do believe Wesley got an introduction...to a belt.  If he didn't I am guessing his brother thought he should...:) 

A great book...great writing...is like a time machine.  Writing can change your life, open up the world for you, or it can simply turn a crummy day into a great day.  Great writing can leave an imprint on you for a lifetime.

I am so glad that I have had Maya Angelou in my life to move me with her voice and words.  I am so glad that in an instant, I can be transported by those same words, that same voice.  I hope that you have a writer that does that for you...if you don't then I encourage you to spend time this upcoming weekend introducing yourself to your local library.  There is so much to explore, and a library (literally) has something for everyone.

I also hope that the teacher inside of  you is inspired to give a book to a child.  I truly believe there is no better gift.  Think of it as giving them their own time machine without the risk of a hospital visit. :)

One final thought...send a thank you note to one of your former teachers.  If they are still teaching, you can just send it to the school.  If they are not, I bet one phone call to your old school would provide you with an address for them.  It might take a little effort on your part, but wouldn't it be worth it?  YES.  :)

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)