Feeling In Over Your Head? Me too! :)

I literally had the wind taken out of me this morning.  The chest pain ("Elizabeth, this is the big one." (Sanford and Son) kind of moment), shortness of breath, etc.  I buckled down and took it in stride.  No worries.

My buck up attitude lasted about three hours...

By 3:30 p.m., I was searching YouTube for one of my latest favorites, In Over My Head by The Fray.  I was wiped.  My enthusiasm for the day had petered (did you know that is really a word ~ Google!) out.  Again, you can only stay "up" for so long without some sort of personal atta girl.  I need to hire a personal cheerleader!  I mean, I have several wonderful cheerleaders in my life, but they too have lives and cannot be on call 24/7.  Lately, I feel like my life requires that sort of commitment to rah-rah. 

Then I stopped.  What, you may ask, caused that?  I cleaned.  Just kidding, kinda.  Actually I was cleaning/organizing my purse (my friends call it my brief bag ~ another story for another day).  In it I found my fortune from lunch with my Granny Dee last month, safely tucked in a side pocket.  It read, "Every day there's sad news, but each day itself is glad news." 

Whoa.  I smiled and sank in my office chair.  This Pollyanna just got one upped at her own game. 

Frankly, I love it when that happens.  It is a GREAT reminder of how much I have to learn.  It is also a reminder that God, not me, is in control.  He'll send me what I need, when I need it, if I will only be open.  What a lucky, blessed girl I am. :)

I hope that God sits you on your butt today too.  Go with it.  If nothing else, be glad you have a butt to land on.  Just remember you may really be in over your head, but God isn't and won't be.  Not today.  Not ever.

Sunshine Dreams to You ~ Today and Every Day! :)

Global Side Note:  I am watching the coverage in Egypt/Middle East daily, and even with all of the chaos and pain, it is hard not to admire a people standing up and fighting for their right to be heard, to democracy and to freedom.  Frankly, it reminds me of the John Adams series Wesley and I just finished watching.  We too once had to fight to be heard and to be recognized as a soverign nation...a soverign people.   As a nation, I hope we can stomach the pain and let them settle it amongst themselves (if possible).  How many of our people gave up their life for this nation?  For our futures?  It makes me pause and reflect.  I hope it does you as well.  Lets all be glad that our nation has already come out on the other side of this particular battle for ourselves, and pray for those still finding their own version of independence.

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